Check for broken hyperlinks

Page rank and other scores factor in the number of broken links on a webpage, on and off site. Test hyperlink lists by entering the URL you want to test. Results will display all links discovered in a clickable list with any errors highlighted. This is a modified version of the Free PHP link checker, an invaluable tool for anyone who's seo conscious. The typical set of results should be ordered; with local addresses first, then outgoing. Another use for this is finding out just how well competitors are keeping house.


  • Type or paste an address into the box.
  • Be sure to include http://.
  • For more than 100 hyperlinks on the target, BE PATIENT.
  • DOUBLE CHECK the broken links by clicking them, they open a reusable window.
An "area" in a webpage, usually test or image file, that causes browsers to go to a location it references; "href".

Hyperlinks in SEO

What is a hyperlink? The code is simple if you don't add anything fancy: <a href="">link text/image here</a>. Something more elaborate and SEO that can improve your page rank is adding a "title" which describes the destination. This also aids accessibility enabled browsers to offer choices and navigate for their users audibly. Adding that attribute is easy too, it will form like this <a href="" title="My First Link">My First Link</a>. Keep it Str8!

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