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This is where we keep our most used seo tools for the inmate search website. Instructions or explanations for usage are with each of the features. If you have questions, it's better to ask rather than make an assumption that causes extra work. Why have your own site for SEO Tools? Because they supposed to save time, image and word verification is for the birds.

Search Engine Optimization, the activity of arranging both visible and coded elements making up a web site/page to improve it's performance in search engine rankings.
  • Check Page Rank for multiple sites and/or pages at a time to compare the Google reputation scores.
  • Check For Broken Links will generate a report of broken hyperlinks on a webpage; lists good, bad and totals.
  • Count Characters will tell you how many letters, spaces and punctuation marks are in text.
  • Redirect a URL to make very long domain and page names manageable. Uses this site url; cjis.info.
  • Word Count will tell you how many words are in a block of text.

Networking and Exchanges

SEO Sites are other sites like this or services for those not able or willing to do the work necessary to achieve high ranking scores.
Check Backlinks


  • Keyword Research is really interesting when using SEOBook's tool to suggest key words and phrases.
  • SEO News tells you what happens with experiments on live, working websites.

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